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Taming the Tantrum

The tantrum can be one of the most difficult parts of working with children. We provide tips on handling these outbursts by reacting to some of the most epic tantrums on the internet. Check out our YouTube channel to get a few tips to help you keep your cool when your child loses theirs.


Different people learn in different ways. For example, some people consider themselves visual learners and absorb information better when it is presented visually. Check out 3 other popular learning styles that we shared on our facebook page. What type of learner are you?


We love it when you count us out! By that we mean we love it when you use our counting tools to increase arithmetic abilities. Our Djed Arithmetic Workbook is the perfect tool to help you and your young learner develop a strong mathematical foundation. Get one for your young learner or family member by following this link. We're counting on you!


If you haven't done so already, become a member of our website and receive exclusive offers, early access, and discounts on our products. Refer a family member or friend to sign-up for our email list and receive a special gift from us.

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