The Community Education You've Been Waiting For

Welcome to the new way of learning. As the times dictate a more flexible approach to education, The Djed Institute of Learning has evolved to fill that need. Listening to the community while building this institution has allowed us to provide services to people looking to strengthen the knowledge of themselves, their families, and their communities. In this opening blog we aim to inform the community of today’s most in-demand educational strategies as well as how we plan to provide them. This is the first of many fun, informational, and easy-reading blogs that we will put out this year on a number of topics ranging from education and psychology to philosophy and parenting. So sit back, relax, and ride with the village as we graduate from the old school to the new.

On-Demand Learning

The people want to know and they want to know now! As we now live in an era where everything can be shipped directly to your doorstep in a matter of days, why should we have to wait until school starts to learn. The answer is that you no longer have to. With the

plethora of apps and programs that allow one to learn when they are ready, learning is something you can do when it is optimal for you. We have adopted this approach in developing our tools and curriculum so that you can continue to build skills whether at home or on-the-go. (Wiseman, 2022)

Flexible Scheduling

The brain is functioning at its most optimal between 9-11 in the morning, but a typical school start time is around 8am. This shows that a majority of us are not “morning people." And

because of this we provide the option for you to choose your start time. In addition to flexible start times for cohort classes, we also offer self-paced courses so that you can focus on skill building at the perfect time. No longer is learning dictated by the schedule, but the schedule is now dictated by your learning style. (Suni, 2022)

Parenting and Community Education

It takes a village! For if the individual is to prosper, they must be nurtured in a thriving community. This is why we are so excited about our parenting and community education courses.

Learn from those experienced in the fields of human development, psychology, philosophy, and education, as they address issues of child discipline, potty training, conflict resolution, etc. A fully functioning human has to be emotionally and socially keen in addition to being intellectually keen, and our parenting and community education programs are here to help support all three areas.

Preparation for Tomorrows Careers, Today

A number of surveys have been done over the last few years that provide some insight into what people want from an education. The results can be summed up into a few key points, namely that most parents of school aged children would still like to see school prepare them for a 4-year university or trade school. Another popular request is that an education generally prepare a person for life after school.

Technology and careers in technical education are other items on the list of things that people feel an education should provide our learners. With our diverse curriculum and focus on mastery of skills, we can help to provide a strong foundation for anyone looking to further their education for any of the above reasons. (Inouye & Lewis, 2017)

African-Centered Curriculum

Last but certainly not least is our focus on an African-Centered Curriculum. It has been demonstrated that students performance improves when they receive instruction from those that reflect their cultural background. We have developed tools and courses to target the needs of our village as this group is repeatedly subjected to below average levels of instruction, rigor, and expectations.

With curriculum and instructors that reflect our community we can better support those that need it the most. And not only are our tools crafted for our community, but they are challenging and meet the highest standards of quality. (Rosen, 2018)


Our society is changing rapidly and we must learn to adapt. We found out what people wanted in an education and we developed an institution to deliver those wants to the people.

From flexible scheduling, to parenting and community education, to curriculum that is reflective of our community, we have everything we need to accomplish our goals. The main goal being to help stabilize communities through superior education. Join us on our journey and make sure to bring someone with you.


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