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Working from Home

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher


Whether you have a learner enrolled in Djed Institute, are just taking single courses, or are using our resources to bolster your own educational program, your support in all situations is imperative.

You can help your learner in any situation by providing consistency, promoting a proper learning environment, and creating a structure upon which your child’s skills can be built. With our support, we can help you to be an advocate, a learning partner, and an administrator of your learner's education. This ensures that your family makes the most out of any learning experience. 

Parent Training From Educational Specialists

There’s an old saying that “babies don’t come with instructions.” At Djed Institute we believe that the instructions don’t come with the babies, but they come from the village. This means that the wisdom gained from successful parents and educator research is there for us to use as we raise our children. Look no further than the Djed Institute for access to that wisdom. Start by checking out some of our single courses designed specifically for parents.

Connection With Other Families

The village of Djed Institute families can be a valuable resource for both returning and new families. Our social media channels and blog help to keep families in contact with each other as well as stay up to date on the most recent events. Virtual field trips allow families to make a deeper connection as they explore the world together. Meet the village by following the links below.

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Access to Free Materials

We understand that at times you may be too busy. And other times your funds may be allocated for something else. And this is why we made sure you could still learn regardless of time and money by providing free resources. Whether you catch our quick tips on social, read a downloadable document or take our free courses, there is something for everyone. Check out our store and find some of our free offerings.

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