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Giving Early Learners
A Head Start To Their
Academic Lives

Let’s Learn

The curriculum for our early learners targets the grades of K-2nd. The energy in the lessons propels students to understand themselves, the world around them, and to use both in preparation for the future, all while fitting into each family's pace and schedule.




Our empowered Early Learner education provides not only a sturdy cornerstone upon which further skills will be built, it also supports our students personal, social, and cultural well-being.
 Quick Questions 
  • Who Should Apply?
    All learners from pre-k to 2nd grade are encouraged to apply.
  • When Does Enrollment Begin?
    Enrollment for cohort based instruction begins May 23rd, 2022. Single-courses and tutoring are open enrollment, meaning you can enroll at anytime.
  • How Much Does It Cost?
    Djed Institutes Early Learner tuition is $3,500 a year.
  • What Time Does Class Start?
    Cohort based classes begin between 9:30 am and 3:30pm. All students have access to their digital classroom 24/7, allowing for self-paced instruction.
Learn What You Want, When You Want
Ongoing start dates and personalized system of learning model allows families with early learners to attend class and complete assignments when it is convenient for them. Educators work with learners and parents to craft an individualized learning plan.
Our Learning Model:
We tap into your learners interests and gifts to stimulate motivation
Our self-paced instruction allows learners to gain knowledge at a comfortable rate
We connect our curriculum to the wonders of everyday life
Individualized Learning
Our early learners are set on a path to prosperity paved by their gifts, interests, and strengths.
Start On Your Time
The combination of individualized learning and cohort-based instruction means that you always have the option of learning at a time that is optimal for your family
Learn from online educational specialists
Teachers that have demonstrated mastery in instructional technology guide early learners on an immersive learning path, stimulating their thirst for knowledge. Learners engage in real-life activities that require full use of their brain and senses allowing for a deeper understanding of the material. Our educators cooperate with parents and learners to create an aura of academic proficiency. Their guidance supports personal, familial, and societal growth as early learners grow into true knowledge seekers.
Our Wisdom Instructors:
Our Wisdom Instructors:
Our Wisdom Instructors:
* Are proficient at facilitating learning in an online environment
* Hold regular meetings where learning data are discussed to help guide instruction
* Assist learners in developing a solid foundation for advanced learning
* Have a close relationship with the communities that they serve
Choose classes from our vast Wisdom System
Our curriculum was designed by experts in learning, behavior, and African-centered education to engage early learners through immersive hands-on experiences that mirror our learners daily lives. The Early Learner program inspires deep learning through multi-dimensional experiences that require both trial-and-error and errorless learning. The core of our Early Learner curriculum is made from the seven liberal arts: grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, music, and astronomy. In addition to our core classes we offer electives in subjects such as coding, gaming, and money management so that learners develop foundational academic strengths as well as advanced skills for future use.
Develop your gifts and strengths
* Have your learner take an elective that will expand their horizons
* Learn about the stars, video games, and pyramids through our single courses
* Participate in our ever-growing list of clubs
Parents are achild’s first teacher
Djed Institute understands that a parents modeling can be the ultimate teaching tool. Parents are part of the educational team for our early learners, assisting our educators in creating the ultimate learning community
Djed Institute parents:
* Connect with Educators to provide individual, familial, and societal growth

* Assist Learners in navigating the more technical aspects of our program

* Use their expertise to support task completion and learning
Witness early learners grow before your eyes
The Early Learner program offers various clubs and activities, encouraging learners to find a community that fits their interests and comfort zone whether on a virtual field-trip or playing their favorite game.
Clubs and activities
Early learners develop lifelong
connections when participating in clubs
Virtual Field Trips
Join our community as we explore sites and events
Ready to Start Your Journey?

Experience learning like never before with the Djed Institute
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