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Check Out Our Single Courses for the Community

Our single courses cover a large range of subjects, from beginning phonics to meditation. Everyone in the community can learn about a topic that sparks their interest. These courses are of the same precision as our top-notch, online private education, without the necessity of having to enroll in the Djed Institute.

Open enrollment means that anyone can enroll in any of our online classes at any time and participate in our personalized system of learning. Learners will complete courses independently while demonstrating mastery at a rate that is optimal for them.


Single courses are geared towards those who need increased rigor, a refresher on previously learned material, an intro into new subjects, a supplement to their homeschool, private school, or public school program, or for those who would like to experience the Djed Institute of Learning for the first time. Whatever your reason, our community education courses give you the experience of personalized learning along with the highest quality teachings from our wisdom instructors.

When can we start?

Learners can begin learning as soon as they purchase the course and access the materials.

How much does it cost to submit an application?

There is no application fee. Learners only pay the cost of the course to access course materials.

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