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Private School Tuition That Is Affordable And Clear


Djed Institute of Learning offers tuition for fulltime Pre-K through 2nd grade learners at a rate that makes sense for our community. The reasonable rates we offer are plain and understandable so that more communities can enjoy a top-notch, quality education. Included in tuition are course materials, personal instructor feedback, and enrollment processing. If you are interested in part-time tuition for your learner make sure to visit our part-time tuition page for more information

Full-Time Tuition:

Full-time tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year are listed below. Prices apply to full-time learners for both the semester and the full academic year.

Full-time Tuition:
Grades Pre-K through 2nd

Full-time students have the advantage of taking challenging courses, gaining access to events and field trips, and having fun with peers in the various clubs. Djed Institute also offers mental-health support, connectivity through our social media channels, activities, and webinars for parents and educators.

Grade Level
The registration for full-time and part-time learners at $210 and $105 respectively occurs prior to enrollment and includes a criterion-based assessment for placement in Arithmetic and Grammar, including an individualized learning plan.
Additional Fees
* Annual registration fee for full-time and part-time learners at $210 and $105 respectively
* Due to fluctuating costs, prices are subject to change without notice. Check this page for the most up to date prices
Djed Institute Tuition Discounts
* Discounts are available on tuition when paid in full
* Sibling and loyalty discounts are available
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