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The All the Smoke 20-21 Planner is Fire!

Our newest item is now available!  We'd like to introduce you to the All the Smoke 2020-2021 Planner.  Great for keeping track of all of those assignments from various classes.  Or writing down to-do lists on an upcoming date.  When all of those passwords start to pile-up from all of those apps you've been asked to sign up for, use this planner to record them and retrieve them when you really need them.  Get yours, if you can stand the heat!

As we continue with our Pre-Algebra for Parents Series, we tackle the challenge of multiplying fractions.  This no tears approach to handling fractions will have you breaking down a whole into parts in no time.  The best part is, you can teach others around you after learning how easy it is to do.  Enjoy and share!

 Lastly, we dive into African Philosophy as we discuss the wisdom instruction of "Why the affairs of authorities fail if they try and punish you for speaking the truth."  We use Kanye West and his struggles with his record label to drive the point home.

As always you can help us improve our services by signing up for our blog, signing up a friend for our blog, and sharing the info the best way you know how; through word of mouth.  

That's all for this week, but enjoy the lessons, share the knowledge, and remember that anyone can learn to learn.  

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