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Happy New You!

There's no where to go but up. Mastery is the goal. All you have to do is flip the switch. Our latest discussion on Mastery will give you 3 strategies on how to Master the Moment.

This year in education is starting off with a new national leader by the name of Miguel Cardona. He has had to begin the job quicker than expected as Ex-Secretary of Education Betsy Devos quit under extenuating circumstances. We discuss 5 things that Black families should demand of Mr. Cardona while he serves in the nations highest educational position.

Lastly in entertainment, we have been presented with Disney's latest movie aimed at the Black Family entitled Soul. The movie is the first by Disney's Pixar to feature a male protaganist of African descent. The movie was great for the senses, but was it good for the soul. Watch as we decode Disney's Soul.

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