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Old School Vs. New School

With the beginning of the fall semester being a little less than a week away, people are beginning to come to grips with the fact that the old school they knew is giving way to the new school that they now know. This new school only meets for a couple of days a week, if at all. Most of the instruction is taking place online while parents provide the bulk of academic support. The transition is happening so fast that a growing number of families are choosing not to send their children back to school at all. This has left families scrambling and struggling to find help in supporting the learning of its members. At the Djed Institute of Learning, we seek to resurrect communities through superior education and can provide families with the educational resources and support that they need.

In our Pre-Algebra for Parents series we teach the math skills that parents need in order to support their children in preparing for higher level mathematics. Check it out yourself or share it with someone you think may benefit from it. Shown below is our latest lesson on adding and subtracting fractions.

In recent news, High School Basketball Phenom Makur Maker recently chose to attend a Historically Black College; Howard University, over a host of other top-notch blue-chip mens basketball programs throughout the country. In the video below, we discuss how this type of decision demonstrates leadership abilities according to ancient African wisdom instructions. A very inspiring story to share that demonstrates the power you gain when choosing to be amongst the people.

Our last video answers the question "Will we be back in school come fall?" . Although some things have slightly changed from the time of the recording, the bulk of the message remains the same. If you know someone who may be pondering this same question, do not hesitate to share the information with them.

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