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Totally Sold Out

We'd like to thank everyone who has shown us support with our newest item; The Black Girl Magic Planner 2020-20201! Thanks to you, we sold out of the planner in less than a week!! The item is so popular that our store is currently out of stock at the sale price of $4.99. You can still get one for yourself, a friend, or a relative here at the original price of $6.99. We will update you as to when our shelves are restocked with the planner. Until then, keep your eyes out for more products that will support you in bettering yourself while supporting institutions that better the community!

In keeping our arithmetic skills sharp we tackle the problems that give even most adults nightmares; long division. Share this tutorial with someone you know needs a little support with triple digit division without remainders.

In our first installment of The Astronomical Gardening Series, we demonstrate how to remove the top layer of turf at the beginning of spring so that we can prepare the earth for planting. A great lesson on astronomy, gardening, and self-sustainability.

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