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Homeschooling in the Spring

With recent events forcing families to educate their children at home, its imperative that they have access to tools and lessons that are both fun and educational. Parents can also use some of the skills that they are expected to teach, as they may need them for a different position when returning from work or when applying for employment in another field. Either way it goes, the lessons that we've included here will assist not only the little ones, but the big ones as well.

With our newest arrival we introduce the Black Girl Magic Planner 20-21! Designed for ladies needing to keep track of their coursework whether in-person or on-line. When not being used to record assignments the planner can be used to note your wildest dreams, set lofty goals, and sketch those big ideas. Get yours now while on sale! https://www.djedilearning.com/product-page/black-girl-magic-planner

Arithmetic is an essential skill for anyone looking for a future career in a STEM related field. And STEM related skills are what the world needs in the near and distant future. Here is a link to a video on an easy and efficient way to problem solve using division. https://youtu.be/_wSoNOMNZAY

Speaking of STEM fields, here is a lesson for grade set A (0-12 year olds) that anyone can do that is enjoyable, engaging, and easy to do. The lesson helps you find the various micro machines that already exist inside and outside your home. Check it out and give your budding scientist a leg up on the competition. https://youtu.be/9wCzLZcpYDA

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